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Written by: Demark Collins 

Although every job in the music business is unique, they all need to work in harmony to maximize an artist’s potential. This real world approach is at the heart of Full Sail’s Music Business Bachelor of Science Degree program, which will assist you with in-depth knowledge of multiple aspects of the business to include the need for music business professionals working with major record labels, film, TV, sports media, video game developers, online streaming sites, advertising agencies and more. 

​To be an effective player in the music business, it’s not just important to be good at what you do, but also to be well-versed in the many different roles within the industry.For example, a band’s publicist may not need to book a tour, but being aware of how and why that tour is routed a certain way is invaluable knowledge when it comes to forming a media strategy. By teaching you about the many different roles in the business, the Music Business curriculum allows you to not only focus on what you do best, but also to ensure that your contributions to the big picture are as effective as possible.

You’ll learn these roles through courses in music-specific business subjects like Artist Management, Music Copyright and Publishing, Concert Management and Publicity, and Record Label Development, as well as general business concepts like marketing, distribution, and law.After you’ve absorbed all the necessary knowledge from these varied courses, the Music Business Bachelor of Science Degree program culminates in a final project in which you analyze a music business company problem and develop managerial and entrepreneurial strategies to address it.

​ In addition to business-specific topics, you’ll also have courses focusing on communication skills, business statistics, professional presentation, and how to prepare yourself for that first step into the music business industry. To help you make that transition, we’ve also got a team of Career Development professionals that can help you polish your interviewing skills and résumé and get you ready to enter the industry. In addition, our Career Development services and advisors will be available for support and assistance throughout your career – not just during your education.

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By: Justin White

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About be: UM where do I start, I'm a RAPPER,SONG WRITER, ARTIST,AND A DREAMER! Most of the time when you ask me something I give good advice I'm very good at what i do and to make it sort I'M PASSIONATE ABOUT MY DREAMS I ALWAYS CATCH THEM AND I'M NOT NORMAL PEOPLE SAY I'M DIFFERENT I DON'T CARE "NORMAL'S BORING"